The staff at Healthy Earth are truly outstanding. They bring a perfect mix of structure and nurturing creating a wonderful foundation for all future learning.

Alison Culbert and Jeff Powis
There is something very special about Healthy Earth. It's a feeling you get when you walk in the door and are greeted by people who care about your children.

Michelle and James Vaux
Donna works with each child and tailors the program to be sure that every student continues to be challenged and working to his or her full potential.

Jeanine Mackie

We Are Community

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Healthy Earth In India
Healthy Earth in India with Free the Children / Me To We 2015


Healthy Earth in Africa with We Charity in 2011

An evening with Barbara Coloros
On April 30th 2010, Healthy Earth School proudly presented Barbara Coloros. Barbara is a leading parenting expert. The evening was filled with hope and inspiration for all parents.

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Jazz Festival
Healthy Earth School is a proud sponsor of the Beach Jazz Festival. Featuring our very own Jeanine Mackie Band.

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Celebrating 15 years
The community comes out to help celebrate Healthy Earth School - 15 years of serving the Beach Community. Everyone had a great time. What fun!!!

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Free the Children fundraiser (We Charity)
During one of our many fundraiser for Free The Children now called We Charity, we were able to raise money to help build and repair schools install clean sanitation and water catchment programs.

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